XIX International Plant Protection Congress (IPPC2019)

• For Program Schedule Click Here            • Oral Presentation Guidelines Click Here            • The late/on-site registration is open only for participation.            • The IPPC 2019 will open at 2:30 pm on 10th November and closes at 6:30 pm on 13th November. Post congress paid tours on 14th November.
Steering Committee
Dr Peter Carberry
Dr Geoff Norton
Dr Elvis Heinrichs
Dr Hari C Sharma
Dr Manuele Tamo
Dr KK Sharma
Dr Pooran M Gaur
Dr Rajeev K Varshney

Local Organizing Committee
Dr HC Sharma
Dr Arvind Padhee
ICRISAT (Co-Chair)
Dr MK Dhillon
IARI (Co-chair)
Dr Sarath Babu
NBPGR (Co-chair)
Dr Rajan Sharma
ICRISAT (Secretary)
Dr RK Khetarpal
CPF (Member)
Dr PK Chakrabarty
ICAR (Member)
Dr Mamta Sharma
ICRISAT (Member)
Dr S Gopalakrishanan
ICRISAT (Member)
Dr Hari Sudini
ICRISAT (Member)
Dr Jaba Jagdish
ICRISAT (Member)
Dr A Rasheed War
WorldVeg (Member)
Dr Akhilesh Gupta
DST (Member)
Dr SR Rao
DBT (Member)
Dr AK Singh
ICAR (Member)
Dr Kunal Satyarthi
Mr Gary Khan
HCVB (Member)
Dr Sumit Vashisth
YSP-UHF (Member)
Dr Bhagirath Chaudhary
SABC (Member)
Mr Suraj Sharma
ICRISAT (Member)
Dr K Anitha
NBPGR (Member)
Mr Jonathan Philroy
ICRISAT (Member)
Invitation for IPPC 2019

Dear Crop Protection Scientists,

The IPPC brings together entomologists, plant pathologists, nematologists, weed scientists, chemists, agronomists, economists, plant breeders, technology transfer specialists and policy makers to discuss and communicate new discoveries in crop protection for sustainable crop production and food security. On behalf of the IPPC2019 organizing committee, ICRISAT and the Crop Protection Societies in India, we are pleased to invite you to participate in IPPC2019. The theme of the IPPC2019 is ‘Crop Protection to Outsmart Climate Change for Food Security & Environmental Conservation.’ The program of IPPC2019 is aimed at addressing the key issues in crop protection against the backdrop of climate change and mounting pressure on natural resources to meet the growing need for nutritious and safe food, conservation of biodiversity and creating opportunities for economic growth.

The IPPC2019 will provide a great opportunity to present, discuss and disseminate the recent advances in crop protection, and establish contact and collaboration between crop protection scientists from different parts of the world. The deliberations of IPPC2019 will include plenary speeches and concurrent sessions in different disciplines of crop protection to create an awareness of the exciting advances that have been realized in addressing the challenges of nutritional, environmental and societal sustainability through innovative science, partnerships and an enabling policy environment.

The organizing committee will make every effort to make “XIX International Plant Protection Congress” a memorable and professionally rewarding event. The venue of the IPPC2019 is the historic city of Hyderabad, and the hub of India’s modern IT industry, which will provide an appropriate setting and up-to-date technical facilities for the Congress. We look forward to your participation in the IPPC2019 to make it a grand success.

Sincerely yours,

Peter Carberry
Patron - IPPC2019

Hari C Sharma
Chairman, LOC

Rajan Sharma
Secretary, LOC
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Conference Updates

Keynote Speakers

Dr Shoki Al-Dobai
FAO, Rome

Dr Geoff Norton

Prof Frank Ordon

Dr Jorg Romeis

Dr Chandish R Ballal

Prof Noriharu Ken Umetsu

Dr Philip C Stevenson

Prof. Eleftherios (Eris) C. Tjamos

Prof. David G. Heckel
Lynn Lambert
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Thematic Areas

The IPPC brings together plant protection science and practice from around the world every 4 years. The IPPC is broadly multidisciplinary with an emphasis on an integrated approach to plant protection. Thus, for 50+ years the IPPC has provided a forum for plant protection specialists comprising of plant pathologists, entomologists, weed scientists, nematologists, chemists and legal advisers to communicate and discuss important problems and new discoveries related to crop losses due to pests and their management. The integration of these disciplines will be reflected in the program.
Climate Change: The Emerging Challenge
  • Plant protection to mitigate effects of climate change
  • Climate change and biodiversity
  • Pest × host plant × environment interactions
  • Invasive and emerging pests: Insects; Pathogens; Nematodes; Vertebrates; Weeds; Viruses
Host Plant Resistance: Biochemical and Molecular Mechanisms
  • Host plant resistance in IPM
  • Breeding for pest resistance
  • Gene mapping and gene cloning
  • Transgenics for pest control
  • MAS for pest resistance
  • Metabolomics/transcriptomics
Detection and Diagnosis: DNA Barcoding
  • Insect pests
  • Pathogens
  • Nematodes
  • Viruses
  • Plant Quarantine and Trade
ICT in Crop Protection
  • Ecological engineering
  • Biodiversity and biosystematics
  • Decision support systems
  • Remote sensing and modelling for pest forecasting
  • Information and Communications technology in crop protection
Biosafety of GMOs to the Environment
  • Transgenic crops and pest management
  • Transgenics and non-target effects
IPM Technologies
  • Pesticides
  • Bio-pesticides/biological control
  • Bio-efficacy, persistence & IRM
  • Semio-chemicals in pest management
  • Natural enemies
  • Nanotechnology and pest management
  • Management of vectors of human diseases
Food and Nutritional Security
  • Overcoming hunger
  • Reducing poverty
  • Access to markets
  • Attracting youth to crop protection sciences
  • Science networks
  • Education and extension services
  • Technology transfer
  • Governmental policies: Production, Marketing and Application
  • Post-harvest losses/stored pest management

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