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Welcome to IPPC2019

The XIX International Plant Protection Congress will focus on crop protection technologies to mitigate the effects of climate change for food security and environment conservation. On behalf of the International Association for the Plant Protection Sciences (IAPPS), ICRISAT and the Crop Protection Societies in India, the organizers are pleased to invite you to participate in IPPC2019. The program of IPPC2019 is aimed at addressing many of the key issues in crop protection being faced by the farmers to meet the challenge of food security through sustainable crop protection and conservation of the environment. We welcome your participation in this event in the historic city of Hyderabad to discuss all aspects of plant protection to mitigate the effects of global warming and climate change. We request you all to come forward, and organize a symposium or a workshop, and participate in the proceedings of the IPPC2019.

Thematic Areas

Climate change: The emerging challenge
Host plant resistance: Biochemical and molecular mechanisms
Plant protection to mitigate effects of climate change
Climate change and biodiversity
Invasive and emerging pests
Insects Vertebrates
Pathogens Weeds
Nematodes Viruses
Pest – host plant – environment interactions.
Host plant resistance in IPM
Breeding for pest resistance
Gene mapping and cloning
Transgenics for pest control
MAS for pest resistance
Detection and diagnosis
Pest and pesticide management
Insect pests
Plant quarantine and trade

Ecological engineering
Biodiversity and bio-systematics
Semio-chemicals in pest management
Decision support system
Remote sensing and modelling for pest forecasting
Biological control
Vectors of plant diseases

Biosafety of IPM technologies to the environment
Crop protection and food security
Natural plant products
Natural enemies
Transgenic crops
Overcoming hunger
Reducing poverty
Access to markets
Attracting youth to crop protection sciences
plant protection
Science networks
Education and extension services
Technology transfer
Governmental policies: Production, marketing and application

The IPPC brings together plant protection science and practice from around the world every 4 years. The IPPC is broadly multidisciplinary with an emphasis on an integrated approach to plant protection. Thus, for 50+ years the IPPC has provided a forum for plant protection specialists comprising of plant pathologists, entomologists, weed scientists, nematologists, chemists and legal advisers to communicate and discuss important problems and new discoveries related to crop losses due to pests and their management. The integration of these disciplines will be reflected in the program.